Say YES with Liebesgefühl

You can count yourself to one of the luckiest people on this planet. You have found your one and only, who sweetens your life and plays a smile on your lips day by day. You have not had the opportunity to ask THE question yet? Then this is the ideal choice for you.

Your expectations

  • You can hardly wait to ask the most important question?
  • ou are lacking the right ideas or you do not know how to convert your concept into practice?
  • You want the engagement to become one of the most memorable moments of your love story?

Mein Plan für euch

Tell me your wishes and ideas during a first, non-binding get-to-know (duration approx. 1.5 hours)

You want to create your dream wedding with fancy happenings – I am looking for suitable service providers who can realize your wildest dreams for unforgettable moments.Maybe it is a professional pianist who emphasizes your special moment with his music, a special photographer who captures your happiness in fancy pictures or a flight instructor who jumps out of the plane together with you while you take him / her to the woman / to the man.No matter which ideas you have, I’ll help you make something special.

I will find a place together with you where you can ask each partner´s favorite words.Whether the application will take place abroad, on the mountain, at the lake, in the cinema, etc., you decide. The place will be selected to fit your personality, so that it will overwhelm you both and create an unforgettable surprise for your future

I looking forward to plan your special marriage proposal.